Supervisor can’t see config files

If you’re reading this, chances are you can’t start a Supervisor job:

$ supervisorctl start myjob
myjob: ERROR (no such process)

Supervisor just doesn’t seem to see your config file(s).

 Make Supervisor re-read the config files

There are two reasons why you may need to force Supervisor to re-read the config files.

 You’ve added a new config file

Supervisor reads config files once — during startup. When you add a new file, you have to tell it to re-read the config, before attempting to start the job.

 You’re using Vagrant and the config file is a symlink to a file in a shared folder

It seems that Supervisor starts before the shared folder is available, so it cannot see the config files. I have yet to confirm this theory, but every time I restart a Vagrant box, I have to tell Supervisor to re-read config files.

How to make Supervisor re-read config files?

supervisorctl reread
supervisorctl update

 Make sure config files have the extension .conf

If they don’t, supervisor won’t read them.